When you want all your teammates to record the tasks in the app, you should invite them via the User Management feature.

In Qualizy, we are assigning the tasks to the teams, not to individuals because, if someone is not in, the recordings will not be completed and that means that you will loose your compliancy. 

So to invite someone in Qualizy, head over the User Management: 

  • Click on + Add a new User
  • Enter the email address 
  • Click on Invite

This will send an invitation email with the login details (link to the app, email and password).

Then, this user will appear on the current page. This is the time to allocate this user to a team (and a location if you run a multisite operation). To do so, click on the three little dots on this user profile and make sure that:

  • This user is in a or multiple teams
  • That the user is in the proper location
  • That the user has the proper authorisation 

The authorisations are here to protect your operation. An Admin will be allowed to create/modify/ download and delete data as an Operator will only be able to record the tasks without deleting anything sensible. An Auditor role will view everything in the system without the possibility to enter/create/modify anything. This is perfect if you are employing an auditing firm. 

Here is a short video to put my words in motion: