The application compatible with modern internet browser, however, for a better experience, we recommend using the most up to date Google Chrome browser.

What's a PWA?

Progressive Web Apps can be installed on Desktop like native apps.

PWA are fast, secure and sync in the background

  • Chrome 50+
  • Edge 17+
  • Safari 11.3+

Advantages of using PWA

  1. The size of the app is very small when compared to the native apps and is much faster.
  2. By using PWA the updates are handled in the background and there is nothing for you to do.
  3. No time taking installation needed
  4. They are reliable as service workers can cache all of the assets they need to run

Right now the Google Chrome is the only browser which is supporting Progressive Web Apps on Windows Desktop. Google Chrome from version 67 supports to install the PWA by visiting the website on Windows.


We don't recommend any specific devices, however, old devices that haven't been updated in a long time can result in degraded in-app experience.

How many devices do I need for my business?

We strongly encourage each staff member to use their own regularly disinfected mobile device, this is better for using the communication tools inside Qualizy such as the chat feature, or the reports.

In the event that you apply a strict non-mobile policy, we recommend sharing a tablet amongst 10 staff members and at least one per site.