First things first, we will need to connect the hub to your wifi network. Keep in mind that you will loose the internet access during the configuration process. We recommend to keep this page opened in a separate tab in the browser, or on a different device. 

What you need prior to begin:

  • A wifi network
  • Plug the hub to wall socket using the usb cable
  • Your wifi network name and password, without this, you cannot continue further 😉
  • Qualizy's hub + sensors
  • Qualizy's account
  • Checklist containing at least one temperature field

First of all, open all the boxes and unwrap the sensors. Under each sensor, you will find a small white button, press it for 5 seconds.

There will be a blue light on top of the sensor. When you see a long blue light the sensor is ON.

When the light flashes 5 times the sensor is OFF.


Head to your portal and edit fridges and freezer units, then add the relevant sensor number ( located on the sticker on the side of each sensor) for the relevant unit. 

Now, You only need to connect the middleware to the internet to start collecting data.

1) Head to your wifi network setting and look for a network beginning by GW

2) Select this network

At this point, you will loose access to the internet. This step will allow us to get inside the hub settings and configure it as a router.

3) Enter in your favorite browser

4) Login without entering anything, in the admin and password fields

Click OK on the next page. You don't need to add a password for this network, we have secured it on our side.

5) Head to the network tab and toggle on wireless and toggle off Ethernet

6) Choose your wifi network in the available access point. Please do not touch anything else

7) Enter your wifi password in the "Key field"

At this point you need to give a name and save the wifi configuration

8) Restart the devise to take effect

9) Enter in your favorite browser

Now that the devise is connected to the internet, we will be able to set the parameters to send the data to Qualizy app.

Enter the hub settings by entering the address in the browser and click login and OK without entering any password.

10) Change the destination URL

This is step is absolutely critical as we have to tell the devise where to send the data.

Open the service tab and change the service access to HTTP.

Change the destination URL

In the URL field, enter

Change the upload interval to:

  • Chance the upload interval to 10 seconds.

This step is highly critical as this is where the data gets sent to. 


Please do not change anything else.

11) Place the sensors into fridges and freezers

  • Go to your Qualizy portal 
  • Open the relevant template and add the MAC address in the temperature field

  • In the list, you will see the name of the fridge and mac address (the mac address is the number on the sensor label)
  • Schedule the template to collect the temperature at the chosen time
  • Position the sensors in the right fridges/freezers units

👏 👏  You can now enjoy a manual entry free process and be fully compliant with the law.