The Dashboard is made to record the tasks/ checklists digitally. 

In Qualizy, we are assigning the tasks to the teams, not by individuals because if someone is not in, the recordings will not be made. 

The account creator will see the tasks from all the teams but someone who is part of one team will only see the tasks dedicated to this team. Everyone has an account dedicated to their daily job. 

The Dashboard is divided in two main categories, the Schedule and the Unschedule. 

The schedule tasks are made to let your employees know what they have to do and at what time. All those recordings must go in the Completed section at the end of the day. Keep in my that, as an employee point of view, this is something to be proud of. This is how they will see that they did a great job. 

Some tasks can't be scheduled, such as a hot holding or a delivery record. Those tasks will be in the unschedule category and can be used as many time as it is needed per day. 

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